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Why Finvest ?

Finvest is known for “delivering what is promised”, professional team, high quality of deliverables, and client relationship sustainability. We added value to our clients and we will continue to do.



Salwa Anwar

Founder & CEO

Ms. Anwar is the founder & CEO of Finvest. She is a management consultant focusing on finance and investments. She has more than 20 years of experience in building the capacity of the Egyptian SMEs and acquired the international business consulting approach from joining international consultants’ consortiums on several EU, world bank assignments.

She has solid experience in external auditing, management accounting, equity research & analysis, investment banking and financial consulting. Her diversified working experience and leadership skills allowed her to lead and execute successful strategic turnarounds and business transformations working on developing and enhancing all business functions to achieve business targets, sustainability, agility, and maximizing the company value. In addition to playing interim management role for executive functions in finance and investment for several companies.

She coaches entrepreneurs and executives, as well as “on the job training” for middle & junior staff. She is a registered consultant with the European Bank for Development & Reconstruction (EBRD).

She is a certified International Certified Valuator Specialist (ICVS), MBA holder with a specialization in finance& banking from Maastricht School of Management and has a Master of Economics degree from Ain Shams University. She is a member of the Council of Management Consultants Global Institute (CMC-GI)-Switzerland and Certified Corporate Director (IFC, EIOD).

Ms. Salwa is an active member of the Businesswomen of Egypt Association (BWE21), and a Mentor with Cherie Blair foundation for women. She was nominated to attend IVLP- Women Growth Development & prosperity (WGDP) initiative in September 2019.

Hesham Abd El Hamid

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer  (Non-executive)

Hesham is responsible for driving radical growth and building the financial infrastructure of a multimillion-dollar retail industry. He is a trusted financial expert with a remarkable history in leading rapid processes and securing of investments to create positive EBITDA and increased net income levels. He established group corporate treasury functions, increased shareholders’ wealth, decreased cost of capital and increased net cash flow in short turnaround times.

As Chief Financial Officer of one of the leading food retail company, Hesham developed revolutionary strategies to grow the company 50% annually for the last five years. Hesham was a Group Treasurer of Travco Group International where he lesioned between internal and external stakeholders, he provided oversight and leadership to treasury professionals that manage the group’s cash flows, financial planning, capital structure, FX and interest rate risks.

Hesham is a result oriented and is passionate about leading by development. He excellences in Finance and Leadership training and has had a range of certifications from Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan and Columbia Business School. Besides, Hesham is a Certified Strategy & Business Planning Professional (CS&BPP), Certified Treasury Professional (CTP), and a Certified Management Accountant.

Our Partners

A Team Of Professionals

Moussa Hawas

Investment director (Non-executive)

He worked as investment advisor to a number of companies within the Middle East, advising on corporate investment banking deals related to various industries. Also worked closely with BMG Financial Group (KSA), Arab Experts Global (Bahrain), and Maxwell Stamp (UK) on different micro and macro (government related) projects. Moussa is a corporate trainer on fundamental analysis and company valuation. He is a board member in ABI-Analytics (Mumbai, India), Managing Partner and Board Member of Economic Group for Mineral Treasures.

Holds Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance from Maastricht School of Management, Diploma in Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Masters of Philosophy, and is currently a doctorate degree candidate at Maastricht School of Management.

Ashraf Tawakkol

Entrepreneirship & Technology Director (Non-executive)

Ashraf Tawakkol is a designer, entrepreneur, and a product and business leader.
He had spent more than 30 years designing and launching innovative and inspiring premium products and services. Throughout his career he assembled, coached and managed cross functional teams of talented designers, engineers, artists, software developers and marketers in leading local and regional companies like Integrated Group, ARPU+, GN4ME and Taya IT.

He is the founder, CEO and principal designer of FortyNine, a Design and strategy consultancy working closely with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them build iconic startups with great products while evolving into profitable growing customer centered companies through informed Design and Strategy.

Ashraf Tawakkol is an international consultant with EBRD and a Judge, speaker and mentor with incubators, early stage VC  firms and public events in Egypt and the region such as; Techne Summit, TechneDrifts, Innoventures, GESR, Flat6Labs, AUC, TIEC to name a few.  He consults, mentors and coaches for designing and developing compelling products and services with focus on customer empathy and lectures about strategy for startups, customer empathy and design thinking, storytelling, product design and development and incremental product innovation.


Our Vision

To lead the change in the profession misconception and to be the first choice for the client who seeks tangible results backed by high level of integrity and professionalism in Egypt and Middle East.


Our mission

To Utilize our knowledge and expertise in assisting small & medium companies to enhance their performance levels and achieve sustainable growth. In addition to our consultancy services, we provide support entrepreneurs and CEOs to enhance their levels of financial literacy and uplift the level of financial capacity of their teams under strict level of professional ethics.

Our Values

Our values shape the way we are doing business and frames our relationship with our clients, and among ourselves. In Finvest we believe in: