What we Do



Corporate advisory & Consulting Services

We help you to realize your company’s potentials, assess your resources and manage your growth. Industry and functional insights, end-to-end capabilities and data- powered analytics to target specific areas to gain efficiencies and fuel growth.

Creating competitive advantage

We assist organizations to create and boost its competitive advantage through working capital management, corporate financial restructure, turnarounds, financial and strategic planning, budget, cash flow management and process improvement.

Corporate & project finance

We help companies in creating competitive advantage through strategic corporate finance. We prepare business plan for fund raising, Advise on the proper method of financing, designing the optimal capital structure and Assist your company to get the required finance.

Business valuation services

We measure the value of your business and identify the key value drivers for equity transactions, mergers & Acquisitions.

Professional Finance Recruiting

We capitalize on our experience to help companies to find and place quality talents who perfectly match both the job and company culture.


We offer organization support through providing end to end consulting services strategy, operation, financial, sales& marketing with target of enhancing performance and take it to the next level.


Big companies starts by family business with minimal corporate frame, we assist you to transform family business into a corporation, corporate governance, and process optimization.

Sourcing Services

we assist your business in permanent management & interim management of influential functions by sourcing highly professional services as CFO, investor relations, and investment directors. 

Financial Systems Solutions

we analyze, recommend, implement and train your team to make the shift towards a computerized financial and reporting system for better business management decisions.

Corporate training

we take a mission of enhancing the finance & investment profession as part of finvest giveback, and triggered by our understanding of the value added to an organization by a qualified finance & investment member. We offer corporate training in specific areas delivered with our flavor of consultancy service.


Startup & entrepreneurs Support

we understand how early stage and startups differ in their need. We assist entrepreneurs in their idea assessment by preparing feasibility studies, accelerate product market fit, fund raising, and mentoring.